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I am Lilia Bogoeva, a Los Angeles based performer. I became The Acro Guitarist because all those other things I tried didn’t let me be truly myself. Powerful acrobatics plus metal guitar and a harsh, abrasive vocal style equals ownership of an art form that sums up everything I am and puts into in the public eye. I needed to invent my own “job field” and carve my own place in the world to feel confident in the person I am. This state of being is a gem that I never found within pre-conceived labels. Gymnast, Dancer, Businesswoman, Metal Musician, are all good and dandy, other than the fact they are too often about conforming to the precedents of those who came before, with a culture that doesn’t know what it wants, yet insists that I am never 100% “right” for it. Insists that everything has been done and there’s nothing left for us “kids” to do other than “prove” ourselves by giving the head-honchos what they feel so entitled to.


I’ve spent years of my life devoting myself to gymnastics, but what started off as a successful and promising competitive streak ended in my becoming a deadbeat competitor with a long-standing streak of getting kicked off teams for an eating problem, obsessed with blood and experimenting with my state of mind. I sought to redeem myself by answering the call of heavy metal, and went to CalArts to study guitar. I was a most excellent student, and that was what irritated me. Everyone wanted me to be this avant-garde, play-anything-on-guitar, math metal queen, and it felt empty. The standards that I didn’t care to meet, the snootiness I got when I didn’t do something “exactly right” created the space for my old demons to taunt and pull me down.


I was fed-up with sitting on my ass in class and being confined to a tight practice room, so I gave up trying to fight my impulses and created a style of metal guitar that was driven by physicality and instinct.


By this day and age, if a thing is not a thing that people do, it has to be either (1) impossible, (2) stupid, (3) impossibly stupid, or (4), really, really stupid, and I am proud to say that I have  dabbled into all 4 realms.


When I create, practice, and perform, I tear down all perceptions of what I think is possible. Everyday as The Acro Guitarist, I do what I would have insisted was impossible years ago. Life for me is all about taking all the crazy risks that no one else will, because I see this: there is no safety in a world that exists to test your soul, and the universe likes to beat the shit out of me regardless, so I might as well get pummeled doing what is right for myself, and something I can share with the rest of the world.


My performance style is a reflection of my personality: direct, thoughtful, powerful, and outside the limits of convention. Join me in my mission!

My Band - Karkaza

heavy metal band Karkaza after a concert in LA

What is Karkaza?


Ancient Sanscrit
1. Hard, callous, rough, harsh, abrasive
2. Stern and uncompromising
3. Impenetrable and unyielding to pressure


Modern English

Badass metal band that will leave you wondering what you just witnessed and where you can find more.


Band Members

Lilia Bogoeva - vocals, guitar
Brian Bodt - bass guitar
Bruno Parente - drums


I play in a metal band where I am the main composer and song writer. I seek out musicians who share my vision and have the combination of excellent technical ability and showmanship. I have been extremely fortunate to be able to find musicians who fit the ticket at CalArts and in LA. I'm currently in the studio, recording with my band. Follow Karkaza on Facebook and Instagram to stay tuned to the latest news.

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